4 Ways To Help Safeguard Your Wedding Day

Thank you to Ron Haskell of State Farm Insurance for providing this article.

Everyone wants her or his wedding to come off without a hitch. Take extra precautions as you plan to help avoid problems on the big day.

Do your homework. 

Whether you’re using local or online retailers, do your homework before you buy. Don’t rely solely on an attractive website as an indication of quality service.  Ask friends if they know of the company, and request references from the retailer. Also research the company to see if any complaints have been filed against it with business or consumer-protection groups.

Compare your options. 

As you talk with various vendors, keep track of the details on a worksheet that lets you thoroughly compare their offerings. Beyond the basics of price and availability, note specific details such as their cancellation or refund policies, whether or not they plan to subcontract any portion of the services and if they’re currently and appropriately licensed.

Always read contracts. 

Insist on a written contract for any service you retain, and make sure all the details of your agreement—including dates, times and prices—are correct before you sign. Also make sure the contract spells out delivery arrangements, vendor duties and responsibilities, and payment terms as well.

Consider using a credit card. 

Credit cards make it easier to track your event deposits and purchases, especially if you conduct some transactions well in advance of the wedding. Cards also provide more protection than checks or cash in the event of a disputed charge.

And don’t forget to ask your State Farm® agent for a review of the insurance coverages you may need as a newly married couple.