People to Watch

Braxton Walker Louch

By: Tandy Wickiser

In my humble opinion, the highest compliment you can give an individual is to say they have a servant’s heart. Braxton Walker Louch embodies the concept of a life well lived through service and giving. He is a mere 18 years old. At just nine years old he requested supplies for PAWs instead of birthday presents. That sweet, selfless act of service has grown each year.

He is a sweet, gentle soul. A beautiful smile comes to his face as he speaks of his passion. “My passion is giving to others, and recognition makes me uncomfortable.” What a statement in a day and age where our connection to social media is so strong. Some can wonder if something even happened if the world doesn’t know. It was my honor to meet this young man. He is such a blessing to our world and our local community. He desires for us all to know we can make a difference every day. His service is big, as he is currently the largest private donor to Anderson County PAWS, but he cautions us always to remember that the small actions of many truly make the big things happen. We must never think any gift is too small.

He will celebrate his birthday this year with his tenth fundraiser for PAWS. Brax’s Cars For A Cause will be held May 21, 2023, at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center. The 2022 event showcased over 300 vehicles. Each year he tries to add something new. The last two years have featured a Pet Food Drive Challenge between the Anderson County Fire Department and the Sheriff’s Department. Currently, the Fire Department has bragging rights.

Braxton also has a deep passion for the second-hand shoe market. He once traveled to California just to visit a shoe store. Only to find while he was there, the first lifestyle shoe store opened back home called Grail Central. He is overjoyed to be employed there full-time while pursuing a degree in Business.

He is so fortunate to be blessed with parents eager to support his dreams. They have 8 animals, four cats, and four dogs. You can guess they have adopted many animals from PAWS over the years. They currently have a cat that the shelter named Crispy because she was rescued from a fire. They kept that name, and she thrives with the Louch family even with only one eye.

Let Braxton be our example as he reminds us that our true purpose in life is to serve others.