Editor’s Letter

Welcome to the May Issue! 



We’re blowing in to May with the strength of a Spring storm!



This is a time when the vibrant hues of spring fully unfurl and inspire us with their persistent renewal. As we embrace this season of growth and rejuvenation, our team has curated content that mirrors the invigorating energy that May brings.



Our focus this month is on innovation and resilience—themes that not only reflect the changing seasons but also the spirit of community. We’ve sought out stories that illuminate the human capacity to adapt and thrive amid challenges, whether through technological breakthroughs or acts of service.


We delve into stories that not only celebrate achievements like our Person to Watch, Bill Williams and all he achieved while serving our country, during this, Veterans Appreciation Month. This month we also challenge our readers to think deeper about the world around us, like our article regarding bees and their importance to us, what we can do to help them thrive and more.



From insightful articles that explore stress management to heartfelt narratives that connect us through shared experiences through lighthearted things like Open Mic Night or some more serious topics such as Parkinson’s Disease or possibly even our article on the new hip replacement option available.



In this month’s edition, I find myself reflecting on the journey we’ve embarked upon together. As the publisher, it’s a privilege to curate content that resonates with our diverse readership, sparking curiosity, debate, and inspiration. May marks a time of transition and growth; nature blossoms into its fullest expression, mirroring the evolution of our publication.



As always, I invite your feedback and contributions. This publication thrives on the diversity of its voices. Let us continue to grow together, sharing insights that enlighten and connect us all. Till June – spread more love, laughter all around and remember to be grateful for all your blessings. Please, send some snail mail to a loved one.




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