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Exploring Cold Plunge and Contrast Therapy

This month we’re jumping into another realm of mindfulness. At the end of February, I did my first ever cold plunge.  

Let me preface this article by saying, that I do NOT like to feel cold and I have never jumped into a cold ocean nor do I ever want to!!

However, Pure Sweat Studios opened in Savannah in February, and I got a 3-pack Contrast Therapy package for Chrissy for her birthday.  And as it turns out, they allow you to bring in one complimentary guest so that your experience can be witnessed (how beautiful and amazing is that!?!). I figured the idea of Chrissy watching ME get in the cold plunge would even further enhance the gift!

Well, this Contrast Therapy which includes 60 minutes of both full spectrum infrared sauna and cold plunge has caught my attention (you can choose however you want to use that time and do just one plunge, or get two plunges in)!  

Furthermore, Fiona and her team make you feel like a part of their family the moment you step through their door. The staff is comprised of handpicked human gems who are genuinely excited for you to be in your experience. They are knowledgeable and happy to offer help if you need it. So far we have met Zara, Elizabeth, and Laurie Kate, and each team member has been beyond lovely!

Ok back to the plunge experience. Chrissy and I went back for our second session just before St. Patrick’s Day. I did two more plunges. I’m thoroughly hooked.

WHY?  Because it is another opportunity for me to be in an experience where I truly have to go inward. I absolutely CANNOT think about anything else in those moments while my body is submerged in the 46-degree water. It’s me focusing on my breath. EACH breath in and EACH breath out. Nothing else matters in those moments. If I don’t remain focused, I know I will react and freak out. Lol. It’s a step up from my yoga practice because I’ve never had a yoga pose make me feel as physically uncomfortable as cold water does. It is truly mind over matter. It’s hard work, but the chance to be free of all mental chatter, even if just for those few brief minutes, is a HUGE positive. 

And OMG when I get out of the water and settle back into the sauna, the sensations that I begin to feel are SOOOOO wonderful. I feel my body become more expansive. My whole being is literally vibrating differently…absolutely lighter in vibration. And those sensations don’t stop after the 60 minutes are up!

There will always be different goals for me to reach. During this second session, it was to get my belly button below the water’s surface. And I did! But I still couldn’t submerge to the point where my butt was on the bottom of the tub. I know that will come in time.

I invite you to consider this experience – ESPECIALLY if you’re like me and don’t like cold water. I think you’ll be surprised at what you can do when it comes to navigating your mind during an intense physical challenge!!

And it doesn’t hurt that contrast therapy helps aches and pains, as well as is beneficial in a myriad of other ways! It aids with energy and overall well-being, recovery and pain relief, mental health, meditation and mindfulness, metabolic health, as well as skin health. If you’d like to read more details about each of these benefits, visit their website here:

Check it out.  You won’t be sorry you did!  

DO IT!!!!  Consider bringing your partner or a friend.  I find it a beautiful gift to be able to share this with someone.