Fall Decorating Fake-Out

How you can use a cheap dollar store pumpkin and make it look like an expensive planter from a higher end store.

Take a plain old plastic pumpkin bucket, add some spray paint with stone texture, or get creative and add a design – and you’ll have yourself a cheap, but cute, fall planter!

First, remove the handle. You can usually just cut them with scissors. Flip it over, and drill a few drainage holes in the bottom. This is recommended whether you’re just setting a plant inside or actually planting it in there.

Next, cover with some spray primer like Kilz.

Once dry, get your stone-look spray paint (or paint of your choice). There are all sorts of different kinds out there like metallic, bronze, etc.

When your layers are completely dry, spray it with a clear sealer that’s meant for the particular type paint you chose. This is a very important step if you’re going to be using your planter outside, because otherwise, if it gets wet, the paint is just going to peel off.

Either set your plant inside or plant it in your new pumpkin planter, and admire the new addition to your fall decorations (and no one has to know what it once was!)