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With summer ending, it can seem harder and harder to find ways to fit healthy habits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Whether you’re wanting to start a regular gym regimen, or you simply want to be a bit  more active in your day to day life, it can be easier than you may think to fit a bit more movement into your routine!

Want to commit to going to the gym? While it may seem like you don’t have the time to add the gym to your daily routine, it can still be a possibility! Try to schedule an official time to work out, and put it on your calendar, right next to any appointments or business plans. Unconventional times, like early in the morning or later at night, may be easier to utilize if you typically have a busy schedule. By treating it like any other appointment, you will be more likely to stick to it. Giving the activity a clear start and end time that you can schedule around will make it seem manageable. An easy way to accomplish this is by joining a fitness class. There are many places around Anderson that offer classes, with one of the most popular options being the Anderson Recreation Center. These classes are available with membership or for a fee, so find a class and sign up here.

If going to the gym feels overwhelming, fret not! Any movement is better than no movement when it comes to starting your health journey! Start small: take the stairs, park far away, or try walking to work or lunch. Even getting up from your work to stretch or take a water break can help get you up and moving between tasks. Tasks like taking a phone call or watching a show can be done just as easily while stretching or walking around, without taking any extra time. Feel free to break it up! Finding a free hour can seem overwhelming, but five minutes at a time can add up quickly, so try to take advantage of any time you may be taking for granted! 

Remember: you may primarily be doing this for your health, but you can still make it fun. Invite someone else on your fitness journey! You can try to find a gym buddy, ask a coworker to join you on a walk during your lunch break, plan active activities with your partner, or even just walk a pet. If you decide to keep it solo instead, find some movements you can enjoy. If it’s something fun, you’ll be more likely to keep it up and stay motivated! Or, if mixing it up is more your speed, trying new exercises and stretches can keep things fresh! Find the balance between new and old favorites that works for you! 

As with any change to your fitness routine please check with your doctor before adding your changing workouts.

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