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Great Places to Get Out and Enjoy The Spring

By: Emily Thompson

Get Out There!

After this drawn-out Winter season, it is important to get out there and enjoy this new-found Spring. With the temperature on the rise and the flowers beginning to bloom, there is now the chance to witness the beauty of the season. Consider getting out into nature and enjoying its beauty over a hike, walk, or even a bike ride on some of Anderson’s local trails!

Sadlers Creek State Park

Biking Trail: If you are interested in biking this Spring, this trail is perfect for you! This beginner-friendly biking trail offers six miles of gorgeous scenery, including a beautiful view of lake vistas, wooded paths, and many different types of wildlife, including deer, squirrels, chipmunks, snakes, chickadees, and a variety of birds. The bulk of the trail is level, but you should expect some bumps along the way and the occasional low tree branch. After exiting the forest portion of the trail, a hilly route lies to the right, this will be the more intense part of the trail. This trail is the perfect mix of flat land, hills, and beautiful views. If you’re looking for a beginner mountain biking trail to spark a new Spring interest, this trail is perfect for you! While this trial is geared towards beginners, it’s perfect for experienced bikers as well.

Pine Grove Trail: This trail is perfect for a relaxed, low-intensity walk around Sadlers Creek State Park while still enjoying some of the scenery and wildlife offered by the biking trail. This trail is a 0.6-mile loop that takes you through some woods and down toward the lake. If you’re looking to enjoy the scenery and wildlife of the park on a short, more relaxed path, this trail is perfect for enjoying the Spring in small doses.

Civic Center of Anderson

Walking Trails: The Anderson Civic Center has a two-mile walking trail that is available for public use. The two miles are paved and lighted for nighttime walking. The majority of the trail is made for pedestrians, but there are some alternate trails that can be used for biking. On the map below, the red dashes highlight the walking trail, while biking trails are located near the Balloon Launch Field. These trails at the Civic Center are perfect for those who enjoy completely flat land for walking, running, or biking. While this trail is available to the public, there are more available if you visit the Civic Center office for more information.

Enjoy Your Spring!

Remember to get out and take advantage of this Spring weather while it lasts! These trails are perfect contenders for some relaxed Spring fun! There are many other options to spend some time outside so why not get out and start exploring the great outdoors of the Anderson and Upstate area on your own?