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Letters of Love by Susan Stepp

By: Jay Wright – Foothills Writers Guild

Susan Stepp of Clemson leads our guild’s Pegasus Poets II chapter. This group of poets meet bi-weekly on zoom to share poems they’ve written since the previous chapter meeting. Many of their poems are based on a weekly prompt sent via email by Susan. 

February offers many poetry theme opportunities, including Valentine’s Day. Here is one of Susan’s recent poems about love. She creatively used an ancient form called “acrostic” and a poetic device called “alliteration” (repetition of consonant sounds) to enhance reader interest. 

Letters of Love

By: Susan Stepp

Let your life be a living legacy of love. 

Optimize opportunities to be open to love. 

Value the vivid varieties others use to voice love.

Expand experiences in expressing your love.

Jay Wright is a member of the Executive Committee of Foothills Writers Guild. The guild will celebrate its 50th anniversary in March 2024.