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Matty’s Pattys on the Move

Matty’s Pattys began their adventure two years ago, initially doing limited pop-up events, but in 2021 they acquired a food truck and have been serving the Anderson area since. 

Anderson Magazine (AM) – How did it all start?

Photo Credit: Will Malone

Matty’s Pattys (MP) – We have lived here in Anderson for five years and have fell in love with the community and our city, it quickly felt like home. We wanted to be a part of the growing downtown scene. As avid food lovers and home cooks we both felt like a step into food service was the right direction. Both of us had little experience in a professional kitchen environment, so the idea of opening a restaurant was a bit daunting and cost prohibitive. We settled on a food truck as it allowed us to execute our concept, dip our feet into the food service industry, build our brand, while keeping our overhead relatively low. 

AM – Why did you choose to feature burgers?

MP – We both love burgers and fries, and it’s not an exaggeration when we say we could both eat a burger every day, especially a smashburger. We love the crispy edges, gooey cheese, tender onions, pillowy potato roll, and our signature “No. 5” sauce.  For those unfamiliar with a smashburger, a smashburger is almost exactly what it sounds like. We take 3 ounces of ground chuck, smash the beef directly on to the hot griddle. This process creates a thin, crispy burger patty. One of the elements that makes a Matty’s Pattys burger unique is our signature No. 5 sauce, which is a blend of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and a few secret ingredients. Anderson is known as “The Friendliest City in South Carolina”, so we would like to think we serve the friendliest burgers in South Carolina. 

AM – What else makes your truck special?

Photo Credit: Will Malone

MP – Everyone is welcome at Matty’s Pattys, we work hard to have an accessible menu that is easy on the wallet. We just rolled out a new menu item, a value focused kids menu item called “The Scootie”, named after our beloved rescue dog Scooter, which gives a kid our yummy burger and a small order of fries. We also work hard to create new menu items, special burgers, that either pay tribute to our founding burger fathers, honor those who are no longer with us, or leverage our relationships in the community to bring something unique. For example, a cult favorite on the truck is our “Goober Burger”, borrowing a recipe from a now closed classic diner in Sedalia Missouri, we top our fresh cooked patties with a dollop of creamy peanut butter sauce, served simply with bread and butter pickles. Or “The Moon Burger”, named after my stepfather who is no longer with us, he loved a good mushroom and swiss burger, so we honor him with a burger topped with a mix of diced mushrooms sautéed and reduced in sherry and swiss cheese. One of our favorite collaborations we did last year was with Dylan Cooke of Fork Grove BBQ. Dylan is a wizard with smoke and produces some of the finest Texas style BBQ in the area. We put our heads together and came up with a smoked prime brisket burger. We are looking to further expand our specials in 2023, and we have a lot of exciting menu items planned for this year. 

AM – Where can people find Matty’s Pattys Food Truck?

MP – Matty’s Pattys is Andersons very own food truck and we take that moniker seriously. We live in this city, and our vision has always been to serve Anderson. Anderson has such a fantastic community and so many great things to do, we can’t fathom why anyone would want to travel elsewhere. To that point, we keep our truck in Anderson, very rarely do we leave the city, much less the county. You can find us around the city, mainly at businesses like Carolina Bauernhaus, The Kitchen Emporium, Anderson County Farmers Market, Vine and Barrel. To learn more about Matty’s Pattys, where they are and when visit their website, or email [email protected].

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