Poet's Nook

Poet’s Nook

By Jay Wright – Foothills Writers Guild

Angela Mason Lowe is currently president of our writers guild and leading us in our 50th Anniversary year. She attended Westside High and Tri-County Tech and raised her family here. Since joining our guild five years ago, she has won first places in sixteen poetry, prose, and play writing contests. She has also shared her poetry and ukulele talents with grammar schools and hospice care patients. 

Angela’s most notable achievement has been with Vets Helping Vets of Anderson. She interviewed almost 100 veterans and compiled the stories of their military experiences into two volumes: In Their Own Words. Volume I is currently available at McDowell’s Emporium and Volume II is scheduled for a book signing and release there on August 12th, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. All profits go to Vets Helping Vets – Anderson. These books are the perfect all-occasion gift for any veteran or a veteran’s family member. 

Summer’s End

Angela Mason Lowe, Foothills Writers Guild

Dog days of summer bring hot humid nights.

The fish in the lake are just not gonna’ bite.

As August returns, time to go back to school

with book bags, homework, friends old and new.

Memories of slow walks on fun, sandy beaches

and hold life lessons that only summer teaches.

Sunsets now fade but give rise to the moon

as the seasons of life shift like beach sand dunes.

Preparing for tomorrow is just part of today,

as winter will follow when fall blows away.

After each storm sun always breaks through,

So, enjoy every moment that’s given to you.

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