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Prom Trends 2023: Hair and Makeup

By: Emily Thompson

Why Is Prom Such a Big Deal?

Prom is an end-of-the-year formal dance that is held at most high schools for both the Junior and Senior classes. While the Prom experience is memorable for the Juniors who attend, it is more of an experience for the Seniors. Since it takes place towards the end of the year, Prom night is one of the last school events that Seniors get to take part in. Along with being one of the last events, it is also the last opportunity for the entire class to get together before graduation. Although the dance feels like the end of an era, it is important to attend and make some final memories from your high school years! If you plan on attending your Junior/Senior Prom: Let’s talk trends!!

Hair Trends

Madison Phelps (nine years of experience) and Stephanie Cox (four years of experience) are both hair stylists at the Serenity Salon & Spa located in Easley. According to Phelps, there has been a change in popular hairstyles over the years. In the past, the more popular hairstyles were mainly updos, messy buns, and elegant ponytails. Phelps says that hairstyles are starting to stray away from updos and towards half-up-half-down styles or completely down. Both Cox and Phelps agree that more half-up-half-down styles have risen in popularity in the last couple of years. These styles normally consist of a base hairstyle (curly, straight, or wavy) that is parted to the clients liking; while the middle part is in, it usually depends on the neckline of the dress. After the client’s hair has been curled, straightened, or waved, the hair is put into a loosely braided or sometimes as simple as a ponytail half-up-half-down style. Looser, sleek, and beachy hairstyles are definitely in this Prom season!

Makeup Trends

Makeup has always been a major component of many people’s Prom experiences. According to Phelps, the more popular makeup trends have consisted of more subtle glammed-up looks. This more subtle glammed-up look combines a natural-looking makeup look and a full-glam look. These styles usually include smokey eye makeup, winged eyeliner, and long lashes. The colors of the eye makeup and lipstick/gloss tend to depend on the style and color of the formal wear of the client.

No matter what style(s) or color(s) you choose, make it your own. Let your personality shine through. Choose things that you love and feel comfortable in. If you need help with your hairstyle or makeup, book a consultation at one of our many great local salons like Serenity Salon and Spa located at 115 Siloam, Easley. For more information, visit their website – or follow them on Facebook – serenitysalonspa20