Body & Mind

Self Care on Vacay

There’s nothing more exciting than having the chance to create a vacation and then actually take that time to be away from your everyday life!  And it is all too common that we tend to feel we then need a vacation after our vacation!!

Here are some ideas on how to promote self-care during your vacation.

As I’m getting older, I’m choosing not to drive the longer distances that I used to (but I know some people LOVE those long distance drives).  If you do take it on the road, bring plenty of healthy snacks that are easy to grab and eat.  Have sandwiches made, or whatever kind of meal you prefer that you can bring along in the car.  It can definitely be challenging to find healthier options when you’re on the highway.  I also recommend taking multiple stops to walk around a bit, stretch your legs, and clear your mind.  Take that break from the stressful focus on the road and other travelers around you.  In the past when I’ve done 13+ hour road trips solo, I’ve used a 5 hour energy shot about halfway through.  It helped me get to my destination, but then I was unable to fall asleep once all was said and done.  So if you have that problem as well, perhaps consider an alternative to those shots to keep you awake and alert.

If you’re flying, my girlfriend has introduced me to using essential oils on the plane and I’ll never go back to not using them!  She uses the DoTerra brand, and after wiping down all our surfaces with an antibacterial wipe, we roll the On Guard blend on ourselves and also use the Breathe blend (for boosting our immune system and keeping our noses happy!).  It also doesn’t hurt to have some peppermint and/or ginger essential oil on hand to help if any digestive issues arise.

I would also encourage you to bring whatever vitamin/supplement regimen you have in place.

If you’re one who likes to pamper yourself with various products, bring some of those along and create the time and space for yourself to use them!  If you enjoy baths but find yourself not taking them at home often (we all know it’s so much more inviting to take a tub when you don’t have to clean it yourself afterward!), pack your favorite things to make that a dream come true.

I personally like to bring my own pillow when I can.  My neck is so sensitive and I’m also allergic to down, so having my own pillow can truly MAKE my entire vacation;) 

If you like to journal, bring what you need.  Your favorite pen perhaps?  Maybe your vacation inspires you to begin to journal!  Grab that journal that was gifted to you or go out and buy one to bring along.

Do you have a meditation practice in place?  Don’t take a break from it just because you’re on vacation!  Even if it’s just 2 minutes a day, continue that practice to help keep you present and ultimately keep your mind in balance.

Speaking of, if you exercise regularly, do something during your vacation that keeps you active.  Even if it’s a relatively low-keyed walk.  Being outside and getting fresh air and movement will be good for your body and mind!  Stay hydrated while you do.

If at all possible, give yourself time when you arrive back home before getting back to work.  Let your body remain in that relaxed vacation mode as long as you possibly can!  You’ll already have domestic chores like doing laundry and restocking fresh foods in the house, so if you can, try to give yourself that space to acclimate before you return to your regular work schedule.

Whatever you choose for your self-care, all of this, some of this, or something other than what I’ve suggested, have a FABULOUS vacation!!