2nd Annual Fall Games

Anderson School District Two hosted its 2nd Annual Fall Games on Oct. 30.  Fall Games, designed for students with disabilities, are local to Anderson 2 but this year Anderson 3 students were invited to participate.  The purpose of the Fall Games is to bring students, families and teachers together to connect with classmates and to reconnect with classmates that have moved on to other schools.  This year was special since the group was able to meet with and form new friendships with a “sister” class in Anderson 3.
A team of teachers worked diligently planning developmentally appropriate game that could be adjusted based on students’ needs.  The outcome was not to win but to have fun! The highlight of the event was the Moonwalk where students, teachers and administrators had to work as a team to make it to the finish line.  Special thanks to Anderson County Administrator Rusty Burns, Deputy Administrator Holt Hopkins, Finance Director Rita Davis, and Anderson County Solid Waste Director Greg Smith for the T-shirts each participant received.  The BHP football field was a sea of red, with all participants wearing red T-shirts designed by teachers.
This event would not have been possible without the countless volunteers.  BHP Teacher Cadets and Peer Tutors and Anderson University students worked all game stations and participated with the students. PE classes came to the field and cheered students on as they participated in the events.  Dr. Richard Rosenberger, Anderson 2 Superintendent and Dr. Kim Clardy, Special Services Director, opened the games by welcoming everyone. The BHP Band got the games started with a blast and incited the crowd as the students paraded around the BHP Football field with their classroom banners.