Anderson District One Announces 2014 – 2015 Teacher of the Year Selected

Jennifer Bertram, an English teacher at Wren High School has been announced as Anderson District One’s Teacher of the Year, and will represent the district for the 2014-2015 school year. As the district’s Teacher of the Year, Ms. Bertam will represent Anderson District One in the compeKKon for South Carolina Teacher of the Year. She will serve on a state-wide advisory panel to the State Department of EducaKon and will receive $1,000 in recogniKon of her outstanding achievements.

New teacher of the year, Ms. Bertram, said, “I am honored to be named Teacher of the Year for Anderson District One. I am looking forward to represenKng this district – the best in the state.”

She also shared “ Teaching is a giT. It is not without its challenges and short- comings, but it is the most rewarding profession of which I am honored to be a part. I am constantly working to create my masterpiece. ArKsts never stop creaKng. ScienKsts never stop searching for answers. Teachers never stop growing.”

Nichole Boseman, Principal at Wren High School said, “I have watched Ms. Bertam’s dedicaKon to teaching students on a daily basis. She values her Kme with them and oTen Kmes goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their needs are met.”

David Havird, Superintendent for Anderson One said, “Ms. Bertram is an exemplary teacher that always finds a way to connect with and challenge her students. Her strong organizaKon, planning and communicaKon skills allows for the delivery of some of the most creaKve and meaningful lessons within her classroom. AddiKonally, she is deserving of this award because of her sincere commitment to helping students being the best they can be.”

Ms. Bertram began her career in Anderson One in 2006 as an English teacher at Wren High. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University and is currently pursuing a Masters in EducaKonal Leadership and Supervision at Clemson University. She is married to William Bertram and they have three




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Concrete Primary

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Jennifer Bertram

Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent, said the announcement was made at the annual Back to School Kick Off for all employees on August 14, 2014. Mrs.

Harrison stated, “Ms. Bertram will represent Anderson One well this year as our Teacher of the Year. She is involved in many iniKaKves at the school and district level. She is a great role model for teachers with her passion and care for the students.” Joanna Watkins, Palme^o High and Renee Sanders, Wren Elementary were named finalists.

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