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Summer’s Best Week

By Jay Wright – Foothills Writers Guild

Summer’s Best Week

by Jay Wright

June is an important month, it’s big in many ways;

Its middle week is quite unique, with many special days.

School’s finally over for all; we’re happy for the grads.

On Sunday, June eighteenth, we honor all our dads.

Celebrate slavery’s end on Monday, June nineteenth,

Often called Freedom Day, often called Juneteenth.

Tuesday’s American Eagle Day, symbol of our freedom.

Displayed on flags and clothes it fills us up with awesome.


Wednesday, twenty-first is summertime’s first day.

We head to mountains, parks, and beaches just to get away.

Thursday is Onion Rings Day; breaded and deep fried.

They are such a savory treat, so have ‘em super-sized!


 On Friday take your dog to work; honor your dear pet.

No big surprise that it’s now become the best workday yet.

Then Saturday swim a lap or two; at any age you’ll see

Why swimming’s the most popular physical activity.


Enjoy your summer!