April Cameron


April Cameron was the mother hen of Anderson Magazine. She had the dream and desire to create a magazine to share all of the good news about Anderson County, and so she did. April served as the Publisher and Editor from its inception until October 2022, when she put the last print issue to bed and handed off the online edition to her Online Editor Lisa Marie Carter.

She is currently the executive director of the Anderson Arts Center and continues to be involved in the Anderson community through various civic organizations and volunteerism.

When she’s not leading her Rotary Club meeting, serving meals at her church, or hosting a fantastic party at the Arts Center, she spends time with her daughter Avery, a student at UGA, and her son Cooper, a student at TL Hanna High School.

She surrounds herself with an amazing group of friends and, now having some extra time, she gets to raise a glass of red wine to toast to/with them more often.