Tank Away Getaway

The Most “PAWESOME” Getaway to The Park On Main

By: Gela Carter

Let me start by saying I am Lisa Marie Carter’s furbaby. I decided to take over her travel article Tank Away Getaway because I wanted to see what all this fuss is about when it comes to “getaways”.

Typically, when mom and dad pull out one of those suitcase things it means they will be gone forever while I stay home with one of my human friends that come to stay with me. This time things were much different, mom grabbed my food and favorite toys and blankets and put them in her suitcase, and I got to go!

After what was the bestest car ride ever, mom says just over an hour, we arrived in Highlands, North Carolina. First thing I noticed, besides the smell was that it was so much cooler, much less panting required. When we pulled into the place we were staying, The Park on Main, I smelled so many other canines I knew I was someplace fun for sure!

When mom got out to go in, I got to go! I walked into The Park on Main with her and the first thing that happened was the person behind the desk handed me a goodie bag! Yep, just me. It had a super awesome chew toy and a big yummy gourmet dog cookie, just for me! Everybody said hi to me and made me feel incredibly special and welcome.

As we were walking to our room I was checking out all the smells and plants in the courtyard, mom even let me off my leash for a minute since the courtyard was fully enclosed and there was no way I could run out anywhere.

When we walked in the room, I was SO happy to see a special bed, again, just for me, and a special water bowl, my own towel and food mat! (I heard mom and dad talk about their luxurious bed and linens as well as all the special touches like a nicely stocked mini bar, a Keurig and a heated bathroom floor). Now I was wondering why I did not get to go on all mom and dad’s vacations, but mom told me there are not many other places like this around us.

We all walked around town together to explore and have fun. Town was cool too as there were a lot of stores that I was allowed into with mom and dad, that was super fun! Many of the places even had water bowls for me out on the sidewalk so I could drink as much water as I wanted. Mom and Dad even went to eat, and I got to go with them there too, we sat outside but the weather was so nice I loved it.

Once I finished my dinner and wanted to go “do my business” the three of us walked behind the hotel to a big open yard with trees and rocks and a fence, mom called it Mr. Pickles Dog Park, and I was allowed to run around without my leash. I had fun exploring the dog park and while I was there, and I met a new friend that came in for bit.When we walked back to hotel and through the lobby, I could smell something yummy. Mom picked up a doggie bone from a bowl that just sits out in the lobby. Once she unwrapped the bag it was a bone for me. So, every time we went through the lobby, I went right over to the bowl to get another treat and it never ran out! I just love this place.
The next morning Mom and I went to the lobby where she grabbed some people food that was in bags for her (the complimentary continental breakfast to go during COVID-19) and I got another treat for me. After that we all went on a short drive to this wooded area and mom and dad and I walked around in the woods for a long time. Mom said it was a nice hike, not sure what that meant but I had a lot of fun walking and smelling all the trees and smells. What a fun weekend this was staying at The Park on Main and enjoying all The Highlands had to offer. I was sad that we had to leave, now I know why Mom and Dad like going on these vacation things. I sure hope we can do this again soon because it was nice to spend all that time with Mom and Dad and I heard them say it was really nice to have me with them and do all these fun things together as a family.
The Park on Main is located at 205 Main Street, Highlands, NC 28741. You can make your reservations at (800) 221-5078.


      For more information visit their website https://www.theparkonmain.com/ or their Facebook page www.facebook.com/theparkonmain/