Poet's Nook

Twittering by Coe Camak

By: Jay Wright
Foothills Writers Guild

This millennium began with Coe Camak as our president. Over the years she served our guild, she won eleven first place prizes in our spring and fall writing contests. As we enjoy the coming of spring 2023, here is Coe’s first place winning poem about the coming of spring 2000.


by Coe Camak

The finches come in a bunch,

At noon, in time for lunch.

They hop up and about,

There’s no sense settling down,

If one stays in the feeder,

Another flies around.

They flutter and they twitter,

One’s a strange sort of critter.

Who lands on the window ledge

And then peers in at me.

He’s all beady-eye and bird beak

With a neck that’s stretched to see.

Oh, I try not to frighten him

And do not like to stare,

But he glances comically at me

And then takes to the air.