Wine & Dine

South of Anderson to Grits and Groceries and Beyond

For years I read articles and posts about Grits and Groceries, a restaurant located on Due West Highway just south of Anderson. Following Google Maps, we were led down through the heart of Anderson to the restaurant which is located in one of the oldest old country stores in the Upstate. When we arrived, we knew we were in the right place because of the big white rooster with the red crown which was there to greet us. This rooster is almost as famous as the food. As we exited the car, the smells of fresh cooked bacon and coffee greeted us. That was when I knew we were in for a treat, and I was right.

There was plenty to pick from on the brunch menu, but one thing I had read about and always wanted to try was the tomato pie. We split a tomato pie for our appetizer. It was baked in a fresh, flaky pastry crust, with just the right amount of creamy, cheezy, goodness browned to perfection! This tomato pie was light and flavorful, almost like eating a fresh tomato picked from the garden with just the right amount of cheese and sauce, probably mayonnaise, and I could taste a little basil. It was heavenly. As I often do when I eat something delicious, I will probably try to make my own tomato pie soon. Grits and Grocery serves up a tomato pie to die for! 

As we waited for our food to arrive,there was so much to keep your attention. I loved all the vintage decor and the vintage feel of the building. The open kitchen allowed for you to watch as the chefs prepared the meals. For my main entree, I had grits with chicken, gravy and egg. My husband had a bowl filled with potatoes, bacon, eggs, peppers and onions. His breakfast was similar to a deconstructed omelet. Both entrees were made to order, hot and fresh and well seasoned. For dessert, we had Banana Bread Pudding, soaked in a sweet rum sauce served with ice cream. It reminded me of a Banana Foster, only better and more gooey.  

Grits and Groceries is worth the trip. You will want to check their hours before you go. Their hours are posted with their menu on their facebook page.

After we had eaten all our calories for the day, if not the weekend, we headed down the road toward Belton to Standpipe Antiques at 502 O’Neal St, Belton. Located in an old factory, Standpipe has a variety of vendors with vintage items and collectables to meet all needs and tastes. One section even had about every type of old rocking chair you can imagine. I managed to buy two pretty blue California Pottery dishes to add to my collection. 

While driving through the area, I spotted a beautiful field of sunflowers. I stopped and rolled down the window and took a picture. Our trip to lower Anderson county was a culinary and visual delight. I hope to go back to Grits and Groceries soon because I want to try the Chocolate Coca Cola Cake! For some, a place like Grits and Groceries might seem like it is in the middle of nowhere.To me, and I am sure to lots of people who visit, it is right where it needs to be on the back roads in Anderson. Thank goodness there are still places like Grits and Groceries!