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6 Ways to Change Up Your Skincare Routine for Fall & Winter

By: Glam Beauty Bar and Spa

  1. During the transitions of seasons, especially to cooler dryer air the best thing to do is hydrate and coat your skin with serums and creams that contain elastin and collagen to help nourish your skin.
  2. Change to a thicker moisturizer, especially for nighttime.  This will help compensate from the change in weather and help add more moisture to your skin and also help the skin retain the moisture.  
  3. If you already do not have a lip moisturizer and eye cream in your skin care routine, you definitely will benefit from adding these products to your routine during the cooler months.  Again, this will aid in extra moisturization of dryer areas on your face.
  4. Continue the use of sunscreen.  Although summertime is when the UV radiation is greater, it is still present for all four seasons. 
  5. Add vitamin c to your skin care routine.  Vitamin c works double in the colder months.  It aids in helping combat SPF rays that are not fully blocked by sunscreen.  It boosts collagen production and evens skin pigmentation for a brighter complexion.
  6. Add a monthly facial.  Facials are always beneficial but especially during the cooler months.  Our skin gets dry during fall and winter and a facial will provide extra hydration and restore moisture.  Getting regular facials can increase the circulation in your face and decrease fine lines and wrinkles.