Furry Friends

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Senior Dog #1

Say hello to Cheese!

Cheese is 7 years old and the bestest senior. He’s such a sweet boy and would love a FUREVER home for the upcoming holidays! One of his favorite things to do is play with toys. Cheese does great in his crate and is potty trained! He loves going on walks and walks well on a leash! Who doesn’t love Cheese?! We know we do!

If you are interested in adopting Cheese, come check him out any M, Tu, Th, Fri, & Sat 12-5pm at Anderson County Paws or email [email protected] for more info.

Senior Dog #2 & 3

Sadie (female – 7 yrs old) and Butch (male – 10 yrs old) found themselves at a local shelter after losing their owner and their backup plan fell through.

They are a super sweet, bonded pair. They are still able bodied and active, just slower with some age. Both love blankets, getting loved on, and are good on a leash. Sadie loves to give paw and nose boops, and Butch is curious about everything.  They are available as a pair through Freedom Fences. website: freedomfences.org  email [email protected].

Senior Dog #4 –

Baby is tethered because she digs out of the fence.

She’s a loving dog and wants to be around someone all the time. Even at 12 she still has pup in her and gets excited. She’ll jump on you so she’s not good around small children. She loves women and tolerates some men lol. She’s afraid of men with a deep voice. She’s always been good around my dachshund and maltese. Contact Stephanie Garrett – [email protected]

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