Biz Beat

Anderson Made

By: Tandy Wickiser

The Anderson Area is blessed with a plethora of locally made products. The absolute best way to spur our local economy is to buy products not only from a local store but products that come to market from our area.

We have countless producers of farm products, soaps, stationary, food items, pottery, candles and more. Our neighbors do an amazing job of competing for our dollars with unique, often one of a kind items.

We could make a true difference in so many lives if we would commit to spending less money with the big box retailers and more of our income with those that are producing here.

We could never list all the local items that are made in the Anderson County area. However, I would love to try. Please email me at [email protected] with all the information on locally made items for sale. We are fortunate to have items produced here that hit the retail market and are sold all over the country. We will explore a few of these items.

We have to mention McLib Noodles. They have been in production since 1985 in Pendleton. It is hard to tell the difference between these dried noodles and the ones that have graced Southern tables for generations. They are reminiscent of an almost lost art of hand rolling noodles that has been passed down through the generations. No recipes really exist because there are so many factors that Southern Grandmothers apply to mixing and rolling batches.If you missed that lesson standing on a stool next to your Nana then you are in luck because these do come with fool proof instructions for the best Chicken and Dumplings.

Another item of note are the Wine Sticks made by The Sweetery. Ryan Jarahian explains, “What biscotti is to coffee, Wine Sticks are to wine. They also offer Beer Buddies. These treats come in a variety of flavors to pair with specific wines or teas. They make a beautiful addition to a charcuterie board. We can be very proud that Anderson is showcased as wine sticks are sold all over the country to retailers.

Did someone say Moonshine? Palmetto Moonshine has certainly put Anderson on the map. We can be proud of our homegrown shine. It is marketed in so many unique retail locations. It has been the take home treat for many that have visited Anderson.

Split Creek Farm has done an amazing job of marketing to restaurants and retailers with all their products which range from their famous goat cheese all the way to fudge. I love going to a restaurant in the big city and seeing Split Creek Farm listed on the menu as an ingredient.

CocoBon Chocolatier’s founder David Saidat has marketed hundreds of chocolate products. His chocolates are decant. They even rival my all time favorite chocolates made at The Greenbrier. You can find Java Bites and many other products in the finest boutiques and speciality shops and of course at their local shop in downtown Anderson. Don’t miss the Blackberry Dark Chocolate Truffle.

Milky Way Farms offers milk of all flavors. Don’t miss the raw cream and the seasonal flavors. My favorite is the Pucket’s Brew, a cream like mocha milk. You can find these local fresh milks at Ingles, local farm stands and health food stores all across the state.

We can round the list out with Hampton Acres long list of products. You certainly can’t go wrong here whether you pick the pimento cheese or the plethora of jams and dressing. Don’t miss the Bourbon Pickles y’all. Hampton Acres is making Anderson shine in stores across South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina.

This is just a small sample of how our fellow Andersonians are showing out while putting our small corner of the world on shelves across the country. I am so proud of all their hard work, creativity and tenacity.

I think few realize how very hard it is to bring these fabulous products to market. The challenges are diverse and the landscape has changed post Covid. Costs have skyrocketed, regulations have increased and the struggle can be real.

Let’s all thank these entrepreneurs and the countless others in our county by supporting their businesses. Buy local whenever you can. When you travel and see our Anderson products on the shelves, please thank the business for stocking those items. Lastly, give them a positive review and tag their social media. Our local businesses spur our economy so much more than we realize. Team Anderson all the way!