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New Year and MLK Poems

Welcome 2024

By: Jay Wright
2023 is now behind us
But soaring prices still remind us
At service stations and grocery stores
Everything cost more and more
A winding road for me, for you
But somehow, we still made it through.
2024 unfolds before us
Let’s make a toast; let’s sing in chorus
The words to “Auld Lang Syne,” so clear
Together we will persevere
Let’s drink more cups of kindness, yes
And end this year with no regrets.


By: Karen S. Green

I bear my ancestors on my hips
And carry them in my bones.
I am the breath of their hope
And the sigh of their prayers.
I am the validation of their faith,
The fulfillment of their vision,
And the realization of their dreams.
With trembling hands and stern but loving eyes
They pass their Sisyphus burden to me.
I dare not refuse
Nor can I fail.