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Getting Ready for Spring in the Garden

In my mind, I have been getting ready for spring since December 26th. Once the tree is down, I am ready to freshen up, clean up and brighten up my world. My husband gave me a $50 Wal-Mart Gift card that someone gave him. He said he didn’t need anything, and he wanted me to use it for groceries or something for the house. After thinking long and hard, I decided that the best use of it would be to spruce up our outdoor patio for the coming spring. I also felt like we needed to consider planting some greens for fresh salads and healthy eating. 

I took that Walmart gift card, put just a few dollars with it and bought a few things that might be impactful if I am successful with my project.

First, I bought a raised bed from Wal-Mart, some assembly required. I decided I wanted a new raised bed out back, close to the house, so I could plant and rotate fresh spinach and greens. I need it close, so I will remember to water it daily when the weather gets warm. When deciding where to place a bed, make sure you consider what might be under it. If you have underground pipes or utilities, you may want to avoid that area.  

Then I thought about all those pots I have sitting empty.  I added herb seeds, Greek Oregano, Basil and Peppermint, Cinnamon Basil and Thyme.  I plan on making a pot garden of all the different herbs. I even ordered some little Garden Peas. 

Mid-February is a good time to get your beds ready. It is also a great time to start pruning and picking up stray limbs that have fallen. We have monkey grass or Liriope that we trim every February and it puts out beautifully in the spring and summer. Also, our Dwarf Nandina bushes need pruning. I love the way these little Nandinas put out fresh green leaves in the spring and in fall and winter they turn a deep red. After years of neglect, it is time to trim and prune back our Tulip Tree as well.  Hopefully, it will put out fresh growth and look better than ever with this growing season. 

Another thing to consider is to feed the lawn in Spring and this year, I need to concentrate on getting rid of the moles that have turned their way through most of our yard. There are many ways to get rid of them according to the Better Homes and Garden website. I tend to look for something I can spread over the lawn that will deter them. 

Hopefully these ideas will have you thinking of ways to get out in February and enjoy the warmer sunny days. After all, Spring is just around the corner.