Hello, 2024!

By: Ann Ramsey

Fireworks, ball drops, and midnight kisses welcome you in. Everyone wonders what you have to offer each of us. The possibilities of new jobs, adventures, friendships, or renewed love look brighter under a starlit sky.

The first day of a new year is filled with resolutions, some to be kept, others to be broken. Each individual gets to decide which to keep or discard. Decisions should be made wisely and given a great deal of consideration. Grasp every moment and make the most of it. 

By God’s grace, I get to start a new year with my husband by my side. I will cherish each new day as we celebrate forty-eight years of love, family, and good or bad times. We have carved out our own little corner in this crazy thing called life. I look forward to more moonlit walks on sandy beaches, lazy evenings on the couch binge-watching a favorite television show, and cozy fires on the back deck with a good cup of coffee. What we do is not important; it is the fact we get to do it together.

Family is one of the greatest joys in life. Anyone who knows me knows how excited I get about anything and everything the grandchildren are involved in. Ballgames, baton, karate, piano, and school activities are top priorities on my “To-Do” list. I look forward to standing on the sidelines and being their cheerleader, celebrating the wins and sharing the disappointment of losses. When they look back, I want them to remember me right there, believing in them.

I look forward to more time spent with old friends and forming new friendships. This new year, I will strive to be a better friend, confidant, and prayer warrior. I will nurture the relationships I have enjoyed over many years and encourage new friendships to strengthen.

Writing has become a massive part of my life over the past three years. It has provided a place to express emotions and dig deeper into the brain’s creative side. Writing has helped me work through some difficult memories, causing me to have a new perspective on what or how something happened. This year will be providing new opportunities to revisit old memories and write about new memories being made. Excitement builds as I think about all the possibilities that lie ahead to be recorded for future generations to read. Every moment will be a golden opportunity to be cherished and remembered. One day, the family can sit and read the crazy musings, recording her love and pride for each of them. I hope my writing will bring a smile to each face and remembrance of the immense love I felt for them.

2024, I open my arms and heart to embrace all you have for me. Do not let me sit idly and watch the world pass me by, but rather, let me embrace all you have in store! Now, let’s do this!