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Spring Fashion Tips  

It’s been said that April is the cruelest month, but for fashionistas everywhere, it’s the most exciting month because April brings spring flowers, spring break, and most importantly—spring fashion! Before giving your wardrobe its spring 2024 makeover, read this article with insights from Katie Kay and Hannah Spake, Owners of the White Flamingo boutique, to find out what to keep, what to donate, and what to buy. 

According to Kay and Spake, classy, neutral color palettes will be trending this spring, and we will be seeing these colors in pinstripe and floral patterns. If you are a summer dress girl, no need to keep tying those dresses up at the end, because long and flowy is the way dresses will be worn this year. If you prefer shorts over dresses, distressed denim shorts and monochromatic shorts sets in breathable cotton will keep you stylish and comfortable this spring. 

Spring shoes may begin to look a little different this year. Kay and Spake say that the Golden Goose and Golden Goose dupe sneakers are beginning to fade from spring fashion, in favor of Boston Birkenstocks. Other spring 2024 shoe trends include platform and chunky heeled sandals, shoes in net, mesh, and woven details, and kitten heels and slingbacks. Level up your style quality by wearing these shoes in a metallic color, as metallics will be a part of this spring’s color palette. 

Every girl knows that the outfit and shoes are the cake, but the accessories are the icing. How you accessorize your outfit is a way to show your creativity, unique style, and add color to those classy, neutral colors you’ll be wearing this year. Kay and Spake say that gold is still in as well as necklace, bracelet, and ring layering. Add some mixed metals to your jewelry layers for the ultimate in 2024 spring styles. Colorful, statement earrings will still be the way to add spice and intrigue to a neutral outfit. Kay and Spake say there is no need to invest in headbands this year because hats of all kinds will be worn. Trucker hats and woven beach hats will be everywhere. You can find trucker hats by Jag and Company at White Flamingo, where you can shop their collection of patched trucker hats along with basic everyday hats. Finally, no outfit is complete without the right purse to carry the necessities in, but this year we may need to pare down our necessities to the three items we’d take if stranded on a desert island because purses will be simple and classy this spring as opposed to the oversized bohos of previous years. 

Now you know everything you need to stock your closet with stylish spring things. Anderson offers many amazing boutiques that offer the most classic and trending styles and colors. White Flamingo, located at 3312 N Main St., should be at the top of your shopping list.