Wine & Dine

Wine Pairing with Local Friends

By: Gay McLeskey

For the first article, I chose Zinfandel. For the most part, people immediately think of the sweet and white Zinfandel.

Let me tell you a story how “White Zinfandel ” came to be. It was made by mistake and because they made so much of it and wanted to recover the dollars spent in making all this wine; they said, “Let’s sweeten it up, the ladies will love it!”.

Zinfandel grape is a thick black skinned grape.  This red wine is known for its aromas of blackberry and cherry jam.  It also has flavors of plums with hints of pepper and anise and a touch of cinnamon.

If I am not enjoying Zinfandel all by itself, I pair it with pizza like American or All-Meat Pizza from Summa Joe’s. I also enjoy Zinfandel with smoked brisket from Kodesh BBQ and Bowls or from Pompous Pig. It also is delicious with a BBQ sandwich and delicious sauce from Creekside or Smokin’ Pig. Spareribs from Carson’s will also pair well with a nice Zin. Don’t forget about smoked cheeses such as smoked Gouda or Cheddar from Forx Farms, a local Artisan Cheese Maker in our town. 

The fruitiness of Zinfandel calms the smoke of the meat or cheese. The spice compliments the rendered fat of the meats. It pairs well with anything smokey and some spicy foods. 

Red Zinfandel is delicious, and I hope you will try it the next time you enjoy a pizza or BBQ or Ribs. “Cheers”!