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4th Annual Shine A Light

The Foothills Human Trafficking Task Force invites you to join them March 12th 2024, from 10 AM to 3 PM at the Anderson Civic Center for the 4th Annual Shine a Light Event—a collaborative effort between the Foothills Human Trafficking Task Force and the Blue Dragonfly. This event seeks to raise awareness, foster collaboration, and provide valuable insights into the ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking. With an expected attendance of 100 people, the event will feature keynote speakers, including Attorney General Wilson discussing the state’s anti-trafficking efforts and Roger Acton (SCVAN) addressing interfaith awareness and Megan Raymer. 

The Foothills Human Trafficking Task Force operates regionally under the South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force, while the Blue Dragonfly, a nonprofit in Anderson, SC, is dedicated to helping juvenile victims through advocacy, education, outreach, awareness, and resources. The organization’s Drop-In Center focuses on providing support and services for those affected by trafficking, sexual exploitation, or vulnerability to trafficking.

They eagerly await your presence and participation in this vital cause as they collectively shine a light on human trafficking and strive for a safer, more compassionate future.

Please use this link to register for this Free Event: