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Last month, I wrote about my experience with Reiki.  This month I’m going to touch on healing with Sound (which is referred to as Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, Sound Massage, Sound Journey, Sound Bath, Sound Meditation, etc).

Prior to 2021, I hadn’t been exposed to Sound Therapy.  But the moment I had my first Sound Journey (which was combined with Reiki), I was in awe of how it made me feel.  If you’ve ever experienced that kind of Sarvasana at the end of a yoga practice where you’re neither awake nor asleep, but delightfully floating in a different realm of consciousness where your brain finally took a back seat, imagine that feeling and multiply it by 100!  I surrendered into that state quicker and more deeply than I had in any other energy session or yoga practice before. (If you’ve never practiced yoga, Sarvasana is the last pose of the practice, called Corpse Pose, where you lie in stillness and let all the work you just did integrate into your entire being.)

(Aside: As it turned out, that Sound/Reiki practitioner wound up being my life partner, Chrissy, and for the past year I have been learning Sound from her)

So, what is Sound Therapy and how does it work?

Healing with Sound revolves around frequency as does Reiki.  Different parts of the body vibrate at different frequencies, and things in life can affect us in a way that cause our harmony to get knocked out of whack.  In Reiki we use our hands and Japanese symbols to achieve attaining energetic harmony, however, in Sound Healing, we use various instruments such as tuning forks, gongs, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and a myriad of other instruments, which vibrate at a specific frequency to encourage the body to once again vibrate at its most healthy and harmonious state.

Sound Journeys can be conducted one on one, or in a group setting.  The recipient finds a comfortable, supported position, usually laying down.  The journey begins.  First, awareness of the breath and after that, a thoughtful and insightful symphony of instruments begins. This symphony allows the vibrations to gently wash over the recipient and ultimately permeate their entire being.  This helps their mind to unwind as their body releases tension.  Energetic highs and lows will help to shift the recipient’s energy.  The harmonious sounds encourage mindfulness and tend to transport recipients to a place of inner stillness and tranquility.

Most people feel deeply relaxed after a Sound Journey, as if they’ve had a massage.  Thus, the name Sound Massage.

I personally find genuine reward in assisting Chrissy Joy with Sound Journeys.  It is a beautiful, mindful dance: between me and the instrument that I am playing at any given moment, between me and each and every recipient, as well as between me and my partner.  Yes, there is an overall “game plan”, AND, intuition comes into play as well.  So the need to be in tune with your partner is critical to making a Sound Journey the most effective experience that it can possibly be.

Who would benefit from Sound Healing?  Anyone and everyone!  This is a wonderful self-care practice that offers a break from life’s busy day-to-day hubbub.  Personally, I find it a lovely way to unwind and relax.

It also benefits anyone who suffers from anxiety, who is dealing with grief, who is experiencing insomnia, or in general just feels stressed out.

Last year Chrissy and I began to offer floating Sound Journeys at the Westin Resort in Savannah.  During this event, we set up our instruments around the pool deck, and recipients can choose to float on an air mattress in the pool, or lounge on a chair poolside.  It’s become a huge hit and as warmer weather approaches, we will be able to schedule more of these events in 2024 (hint hint: follow us on IG to be in the loop of new dates and schedule a stay at the lovely Westin Resort to fully appreciate your experience!).

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