Getting Schooled

Continuing Education

Looking to expand your horizons? Whether you are out of school for the summer or you have long since graduated, you can always find a way to continue your educational path and discover a new passion. With so many classes available in Anderson and beyond, learning a new skill has never been easier! Here are just a few options for ways you can continue your lifelong learning journey:

Anderson Library

Most libraries host classes and events for the community, and the Anderson Library is no exception. There are classes and presentations nearly every day covering a wide range of subjects. You can always experience something new, from unique crafts to technological skills, cartooning to genealogy.

You can find a calendar of the library’s upcoming events and register here.

Anderson Recreation Center

The Anderson Recreation Center offers a wide array of fitness classes to help you learn new ways to stay healthy and exercise. Whether you want to pursue traditional classes or try more unique activities like Tai Ji and Line Dancing, there is something to discover for everyone!

These classes are available with a membership or for a fee. Reserve your spot here.

Anderson Arts Center

The Anderson Arts Center teaches a variety of art and ceramics classes. There are weekly Open Studio sessions with an instructor for a self-guided, beginner-friendly experience. If you prefer to learn in a relaxed environment with your friends, you can also sign up for private group classes or the 21+ Sip n’ Spin classes.

To check availability and sign up for a slot, call or visit their website.

The Kitchen Emporium

If you are interested in the culinary arts, The Kitchen Emporium offers specialty cooking classes. Currently, you can sign up for courses to learn about making bread, pasta, ice cream, and more. Through cooking lessons, you can develop a fun hobby as well as a valuable life skill!

Information about cooking classes at The Kitchen Emporium can be found on their Facebook page.


If you would like to learn life-saving skills and gain your CPR certification, you can sign up for a CPR class at TriCounty Technical College. They offer in-person and hybrid options for anyone interested in spending the day learning CPR techniques from trained health professionals.

You can find more information about the types of courses and sign up here.

University Classes

If you want to explore traditional academics, you can reach out to different universities about their Lifelong Learning programs. Multiple nearby schools offer classes, programs, or resources for continuing education. Notably, Clemson University has a program that allows seniors in South Carolina to enroll in courses free of charge.

If you are 60+ and want to explore the program at Clemson, learn more here. Information about programs at other schools can be found on that school’s website.