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Spring Fitness: How To Start A Fitness Routine In The New Year!

By: Emily Thompson

Fears and How to Deal With Them

Most newcomers in the gym have a sense of estrangement that causes them to stop returning to their program of choice. Bruce Thompson (Total Fitness Family Center), a well-rounded trainer with 26 years of experience, offers advice to newcomers. He says that to stay consistent, and people must find the right gym with a positive atmosphere. Thompson also explains that everyone at the gym focuses on themselves and their goals, so there is little judgment in a positive gym atmosphere. This encouragement is shared at another gym. Ashlee Owens is the Wellness Coordinator at the YMCA in Piedmont. Owens plans and implements new classes, personal training, and many other things within the YMCA. Owens advises that everyone in the gym is not here to judge but to watch you grow through your fitness journey.

New Beginnings

Now that your fear has subsided, how should you begin? To stay consistent in a fitness program, surround yourself with motivation. Both Owens and Thompson advise newcomers to be patient. Fitness is a lifestyle, not an overnight change. Don’t get discouraged if the progress is slow, the best things take time. To avoid overexerting yourself, Thompson advises newcomers to start slow. Progress reports may be used as a motivational tool to demonstrate success in your program.

Programs On The Rise

There is a multitude of different programs to help you get in shape. Many of which you can look into at Total Fitness Family Center and the YMCA, both in Anderson County. So what programs are on the rise? At Total Fitness Family Center, Thompson mentions HIT training. HIT training is high-intensity training that includes weights, treadmill, and circuit training. This program would be a good path for those with some experience. While HIT training is also offered at the YMCA, Owens also brings more beginner geared classes to the table. Choreography (Zumba, Pound, etc.) workouts are on the rise in popularity. Their style workouts make working out fun since participants dance with elaborate dance moves to a variety of music. These classes have moves that range in difficulty and intensity but are perfect for beginners to work up a sweat. Don’t be afraid to get out there and try fitness programs that may work for you!