Starting Your Home Garden!

By: Emily Thompson

Let’s get started!

A great hobby to pick up this Spring is gardening! Not only can gardening serve as a fun activity to get some time outside; it is good for decreasing stress levels. Scientifically speaking, getting your hands dirty in a garden can increase serotonin levels. Since serotonin serves as a natural antidepressant, the release of this chemical causes stress levels to fall. Serotonin combined with direct access to fresh produce will result in a strengthened immune system! Let’s look into some stores to get that garden started!

City Seed At The Station
520 N Murray Ave
Anderson, SC 29625

City Seed At The Station is a family-owned, small business in Downtown Anderson. Donna LeBrun, the owner, has always had a passion for gardening and plants of all kinds. LeBrun’s love for plants causes her to share her passion with all her customers, no matter their experience level. City Seed is beginner friendly, as there are “Make n’ Take” classes offered that have a variety of different themes. Public and private “Make n’ Take classes are offered at City Seed, so feel free to bring some friends!

City Seed has an excellent selection of plants that range from large to small and everything in between! The store also carries various different seeds that can be purchased in bulk for more-extensive gardens and in smaller quantities for more small-scale gardens. Garden tools of many different sizes and uses are available at City Seed as well.

Carolina Wild
1804 Whitehall Rd #2588
Anderson, SC 29625

Carolina Wild is a family-owned and operated plant nursery that is located in Anderson, SC. There is a broad variety of plant options at Carolina Wild, including ones that grow best in all kinds of climate conditions. The types of plants sold here are ideal for creating backyard habits for wildlife, such as butterfly or hummingbird gardens. These natural gardens would serve as a great alternative to a traditional garden. When visiting the nursery, there are horticulturalists who are happy to help you find the perfect plant for your home garden. They will guide you through choosing the right plants for the climate and conditions in the area you are working with.

Betel Gardening Center
6971 SC-81
Piedmont, SC 29673

Betel Gardening Center is a locally owned plant nursery in Piedmont, SC. The owner, Jackie P., is very passionate about everything involving nature. Jackie creates a very welcoming environment in her store and is more than happy to help customers find what they need. The goal at Betel is to supply their customers, not only with the plants they need but also with the knowledge they need to take proper care of them. Betel offers many herbs, vegetable plants, trees, shrubs, and so much more.

If you’re interested in gardening this Spring, these places are excellent choices to get started!