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Tank Away – Annual Isle of Palms Trip, Part 2

When your getaway finally arrives, and you first arrive at your rental, things can be a bit hectic. Check-in is typically around 3:00 or 4:00. By the time you unpack, get familiarized with the layout of the home, get everyone set in their rooms and grab some basic fresh groceries for the next morning, or the full week, do you really want to think about dinner? Our answer is NO! This year we had our favorite personal chef come back and have food for us on the first night. Chef Emily-lane Personal Chef Services is part of our week almost every year!

She never disappoints. This year we had a mix of homemade mini tomato pies, pimento cheese sliders, crab dip, prosciutto-wrapped shrimp and BBQ dipping sauce just to mention a few of the amazing homemade dishes. It was nice to get unpacked and just be able to grab a glass of wine and sit out on the deck to enjoy a happy hour without having to do a thing. 

Another new thing we tried this year, inviting a Reiki Master to come and hold a session with all of us. For this new adventure, we contacted Sue Finkle out of Savannah, GA. Finkle brought her partner Chrissy Joy with her to add a sound journey and she did a brief singing bowl experience to enhance our class. Everything about this addition was such a spiritual lift and journey for all of us. What really made it even a step up, literally, was the fact we held the session on the rooftop deck with breathtaking views of the beach, ocean and just the beautiful blue sky above. If you’ve never had a reiki session, it’s hard to explain the feeling and vibes you get. Everyone had such a unique takeaway from this, yet we all had one thing in common, we all agreed this too will now be an annual tradition on girls’ week. However, we will plan our session on one of our “free” days. We all had such a Zen, calm, relaxed feeling after the class and it lasted the entire day. This would be a wonderful way to be if it wasn’t for the fact, we had our limo trip planned a few hours after the class.

Each year we work with SC Express Charleston to have a limo take us into town, or to an event. We have used SC Express Charleston since our second year and every year we have the best experience with the vehicles they send and the drivers. They have become a staple for us as we also use them to do any airport pickups needed. 

After looking for something different we decided to take the limo to a new distillery, Cannon Distillery and check out some of their spirits. Cannon is in an industrial park, and you do have to look a bit to find them, but they are certainly worth the hunt. With a sampling of bourbons and unique vodkas, for instance, they have a Chai Vodka and a wonderful Coffee Vodka that is made with locally roasted coffee beans, in addition to a few more, we began our tour. Kris Kincaid, Owner/Distiller shared how the distillery came to be, walked us through the entire process, and pointed out the nuances of each spirit so we could fully enjoy the special touches they put into all they distill. There’s so much more I could say about the place, the spirits, and the tour, I’ll just say this – we left with a few cases. Go check them out for yourself. If even if you’re not a huge vodka or bourbon fan it’s an experience that just might change your mind. 

If you’re planning a Tank Away Getaway why not check out some of the amazing companies mentioned in this two-part story? Or if you have a suggestion of place or business you think we need to try please email me at [email protected].

For more information on Chef Emily-lane Personal Chef Services check out her Facebook page – or her website –

For more information on Sue Finkle and Chrissy Joy check out their Facebook page – Flow of Light or call 732-674-1462

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For more information on Cannon Distillery check out their Facebook page- – or call them 843-452-9726