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Tank Away Getaway – A Splurge You Deserve in Kiawah

As we ring in a new year, we all deserve a little something special, like a splurge getaway. Why spend all your money flying to get somewhere when you can drive to this hidden gem of a splurge, Kiawah Island Golf Resort (KIGR) on the South Carolina coast? 

For this Tank Away Getaway splurge, we decided to celebrate my bonus daughter’s upcoming wedding by scheduling a bridal getaway for her sister and me. We couldn’t have been more excited and thrilled with KIGR. Upon entering you already feel like you’re in a movie and a movie star. As you walk into the grand foyer and lobby you are welcomed by the stunning views through the back wall of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking pristine ocean views and the welcoming sitting area situated in the yard preceding the ocean is sure to take your breath away. 

From the second you arrive the service is nothing less than five stars from the valets to the doorman to the champagne upon check-in, you know right away you’re in for some royal pampering.

Let’s start with the pools. KIGR has several pools including an adult-only pool and hot tub. This option makes it nice if you are celebrating an event like we were.  Another benefit of the adult pool is you get the full bar and food service, so you do not have to get up off your chair if you don’t want to but of course, you will want to get up a bit, even if it’s just to go relax in the hot tub or cool off in the pool. In addition to those benefits, the adult-only pool is also aligned against the beautiful dunes and pristine beach of Kiawah.

If the pool isn’t your thing have no fear, there is so much that the resort offers it’s doubtful that you’ll run out of things to do. For instance, bike rentals that you can ride on the beach and around the area. We enjoyed the bike rentals one morning and had a blast. Word of warning, however, make sure that you do keep tabs on where you’re riding as you are admiring the sights and surrounding area because you don’t want to end up lost like we did. Our short bike ride turned into much longer, but you can’t get too lost, as you are on an island. Consider it an added adventure, and it’s something we can look back on and laugh about.

There are some amazing running trails around the area perfect for running, walking, and biking in addition to golf courses, tennis courts, the gym and so much more too numerous to mention each one. Just a little advice, you’ll want to take advantage of some of these activities as the amazing food will keep your calorie count up. Then again, calories don’t count on vacation, do they?

If you’re going for more of a relaxing time the spa is the place to be. We had some truly euphoric massages.  We felt so zen and serene after we barely wanted to move off the spa lounge. But, then it was time for some facials that left our skin feeling so rejuvenated and fresh.  Feel free to take your time in the spa and spend some time in the steam room, sauna, or in their indoor hot tub. All of these are private and located in the women’s locker area. The men’s locker room also offers the same.

There are many dining options available several right there in the resort and others not too far away. There’s no need to concern yourself with driving as there is a shuttle service from the resort that will get you to and from the resort with no effort at all. 

Dining at The Atlantic Room was an incredible experience from start to finish.  From the extensive wine and cocktail list to the final bite of dessert, the evening was simply memorable. Both of our servers were very congenial, professional, and informative. They spent time talking with us about the upcoming event we were celebrating without neglecting the needs of other diners. I know I mentioned it before they too seemed to truly enjoy their jobs. 

There is a saying “It’s the little things” and this saying is part of what makes Kiawah Golf Resort so worth every penny. Though Kiawah Golf Resort has many grand amenities, it was some of the “little things” that stuck with us. Here are just some of the “little things” I wanted to share with you that my bonus daughters loved;

Whenever you come back to the room it’s clean. This is so true; I think they cleaned our room about 3 times a day. 

Speaking of the rooms, the turn-down service at night made the day complete – with their delicious chocolates on the pillows and waters set out along with your slippers and robes. The way every day should end if you ask me. Wondering if I can get my husband to start doing this for me every night. 

There are plenty of valets and help everywhere. You didn’t have to hunt for help for anything.  Your car or your ride was always quick to arrive. Once the doormen learned your name, they didn’t forget and were always there to welcome you back in with a warm greeting and smile (and water if needed). And speaking of smiles, every employee we had contact with always had a genuine smile on their face and truly appeared to love their job. What a refreshing experience that was!

Having your option of several pools, and the private beach (with umbrellas and chairs set up for your use) makes it easy to pop from spot to spot throughout the day and 

Something about the bathrooms sounds silly but both girls mentioned how all the bathrooms were fabulous. Not just the one in our room, but throughout the resort.

With all of these upscale, splurge-worthy, upgrades everyone you have interaction with is very welcoming, friendly, and down to earth. The hotel, even though upscale is very laidback. 

To read more about Kiawah Island Golf Resort visit their website – and be sure to tell them you read all about them in Anderson Magazine.

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