November – Our Annual Reminder to be Thankful


As we start the 11th month so many things come to mind, like where has this year gone? How is it possible we have almost published a full year of our new online version of Anderson Magazine? 

Not only are we thinking of time flying by, but what is still to come. Like the fun and food of this month! Soooo much food. But, that’s some of what this time of year is about. And keeping with the spirit of this we have a wonderful feature about Thanksgiving foods and traditions, including some tried and tested family recipes you may want to try. And with the season of cheer coming up we share some great ways to enjoy and start traditions to take full advantage of this time of year. 

We started our monthly feature of Adoptable Dogs last month and it will continue this month with some senior dogs in need of homes to spend their golden years in. We feature four dogs in need of homes from different places around and hope that you will consider adopting one of these sweet elders, or sharing their stories to help them find the furever loving home they so deserve.

Speaking of our furry friends, we tie in our cover story on Brandon Surratt. Many of you in the Upstate SC area may know of Brandon and his story of his K9 partner Hyco who was shot and killed in the line of duty, and their strong bond which helped form the start of the Hyco K-9 Fund to help other K9s. Surratt went on to continue his service in the Upstate transferring to the K9 unit in Greenville before recently changing his career path. Though he is still closely involved with canines this is a new and different type of connection with them he is now forming. Read all about him and his new venture as he is our Person to Watch for November.

In addition to our story on Brandon you can read about some wonderful up and coming Upstate people who are striving to make their mark in the world, read about a fun “winter” park to go visit, a day trip idea that feature some fun Northern Georgia spots, Fall in love with your skin with some great skincare tips and so much more. 

This time of year is not just about indulging (and over indulging) in the holiday feasts and shopping it’s the time of year that reminds us to be thankful. Thankful for your family who is here with you for many have none. Thankful for your job, for many have none. Thankful for the food you do eat, for many have none. Thankful for the roof over your head, for many have none. It’s a time to remember to be thankful for anything and everything you have for many have nothing. Time to try to give to those less fortunate and help the foundations and places that help those most in need. 

It is with extreme gratitude to all involved with our little publication that I wish you all a November overflowing with love and blessings. Till December – spread love and laughter all around, be grateful for all your blessings – and send some snail mail to a loved one!

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